Types of Truck Accidents

types of truck accidents

Inattention leading to the wrong move on a truck driver’s part, or mechanical failure due to a trucking company’s failure to properly maintain a big-rig, can result in a tragic crash that affects many people’s lives. In our work with truck accident cases, we have seen many different types of accidents, including the following:

• Rear-end collisions
• T-bone collisions
• Jackknifes
• Rollovers
• Pile-ups
• Brake failure

No matter the type of accident that occurred with a semi truck, the results can be catastrophic. Fatalities and severe injuries can occur from rear-end accidents just as easily as they can occur from a rollover. The size and power of tractor-trailers make them very dangerous when not operated responsibly. Whether the driver was acting irresponsibly by driving under the influence or driving too fast for conditions, or the trucking company was acting irresponsibly by not properly maintaining the truck, the resulting truck accident can be tragic.

Regardless of how your accident occurred, you should seek out skilled and knowledgeable attorneys to represent you. At Parsons Behle & Latimer, we understand the many different types of commercial trucking accidents, and, with our size and experience level, we will build the most effective case based on the physical and scientific evidence.